About US


KOIW uses only professional broadcast equipment and software for the best signal and sound we can possibly broadcast around town.

We want to be your choice for enjoyable radio listening, at home at work and in the car. We Broadcast over the AM radio band and can be heard all over the city of Parkersburg, Iowa, and we stream over your phone or cars radio using Bluetooth and internet/wifi/cell services

We play only the most carefully selected old time radio shows that we specially picked out to entertain and make your workday go faster. We also understand that variety is important to attract new listeners and retain existing ones.  Plus, we actively solicit feedback from the community to ensure that we are doing our due diligence serving the public interest as a public trustee.

We have thousands of old time radio shows and music to choice from, and we want to stream live Friday night sporting events over the radio, as well as delayed and broadcasted games every Saturday, so the athletes/coaches/staff/parents at the games can hear the game the next day and hear themselves making plays and starring in the games the next day so they can enjoy the game at their leisure. We plan to tape and archive on our website each game so it can be downloaded anytime by anyone wanting to hear it again.


  1. Broadcast Computer Dell Dual 27″ Screens 3ghz  16gb Ram 2tb HD
  2. Broadcast Scheduling Software – Zara Radio Studio:
  3. Sony Pro Broadcast MPX-210 Audio Mixing Board
  4. Audio Processing – BEHRINGER MDX-1600
  5. Broadcast Asymmetrical Compliance Processor  – Inovonics 222
  6. Broadcast Transmitter – Hamilton Rangemaster  FCC Certified.
  7. Antenna & Tower are professionally constructed
    The tower is ROHN 25G (40’FT) Painted Red/White.
    Antenna Spring  & 102″ Verticle radiator under 3 meters.
  8. Broadcast Microphone – Heil ProSet Plus
  9. Hamilton Rangemaster FCC Certification Click Here to View :



Hi, Welcome to KOIW AM 1680, we are glad you found us.  Please let us know about how our radio signal is sounding to you, and if you enjoyed our golden oldies programming. We currently serve Parkersburg, Iowa with an FCC approved part 15 subpart:19 HAMILTON RANGE MASTER AM TRANSMITTER and FCC TYPE APPROVED antenna.  We send out KOIW bumper stickers and very cool QSL reception report postcards to listeners who enjoy our station and its unique blend of old time radio show oldies.

RADIOKOIW.COM  & KOIW AM 1680 is the brainchild of Parkersburg area resident and long time radio and television engineer Joe Leto.

Joe, who has been into everything electronics and radio since 1979, as a licensed ham radio operator at the tender age of 12 years old, and has always aspired to buy or build a broadcast radio station of his own, after serving stints in television & radio broadcast engineering ranging from “Transmitter Engineer at KPWB”  to Assisting the Chief Engineer  at KCWI” to “Cell Phone RF Engineer at US Cellular”, and Radio Tower Inspector at Crown Castle & Towers as well as a short stint  as a satellite field tech working for US Satellite serving networks affiliates such as NBC/ABC/FOX .

While believing that Parkersburg could use a local full-service AM radio station like KOIW as well as to the ability to take the station anywhere you go over computers or cell phones, a “streaming community internet radio station has become almost normal for any real radio station to have that ability”.

At around this same time, smart phone usage is a huge part of people lives and has shown the biggest growth in years, along with wi-fi capability and the increased development of applications (“apps”) used to stream audio.  With the development of internet radio for cars also beginning to gain momentum, as well as the growing ability of car radios to interface with smartphones, Joe began to see real growth opportunities for radio’s future.  The number of radio stations utilizing social media also continued to grow. And as they say, when one door closes, another one opens.  For Joe Leto, it all kind of just all happens at the right time.

After an engineering study revealed that no full-power station could be put on the air close to his home, Joe, ever persistent, researched the FCC rules and regulations concerning Title 47 Part 15 CFR, which allows unlicensed AM broadcasting in the band spectrum above 1600 kHz with power values not exceeding 100 milliwatts. Once realizing that a marriage between the internet and over-the-air broadcasting could work, Joe set out to put his new station on the air.  The dream finally became reality at 1 pm on Friday, April 14th, when RADIOKOIW.COM AM 1680 signed on the air.

With a network of colleagues and family and friends willing to help, Joe built the station slowly, and in his spare time. He determined that a mass-appeal format would be just doing the same thing everyone else was doing so he came up with the old time radio idea to be different.
Still wanting the ability to offer ‘something for everyone’, Joe also offered special programming of local sporting events every Friday night and rebroadcasting Friday’s games Saturday afternoon as well.

Joe also made it his mission to price advertising affordable to virtually all businesses, large and small, and donate a portion of the airtime to non-profit groups and organizations around Parkersburg to give back to local organizations.